Bucket Hire

As loyal supporters (3 actually ) of me know, there is nothing more i like than to meet the paying public (for a tiny fee), and the Bucket scam i mean Bucket draw is one way of meeting my adoring public.
Due to the forced popularity of this scam i mean draw, and with many, many, many businesses trying to copy the idea, of which they cannot due to my patent on this con ( please look at patent description below) i have decided to branch out and as a side line to my ever increasing portfolio of businesses, to hire out these buckets branded or plain for any usage where there are lots of gullible people in attendance to throw their personal details in, so you can bombard them with useless guesses of horses or indeed as i do sell the Database on to Bookmakers for a tidy little profit ! 
Please see below the buckets for hire , if you do not see the bucket you want just call us on 0898787678217839 (£5.98pm) and we will do our best to insure we can provide your scam with what you need.

1)    Platinum Size £89.00 per day    





2)    Gold Size  £78.99 Per day                



3)    Silver Size £58.49 per day                   



4)    Bronze Size £2.09 per day for mid-week meetings on the AW.    

Branded example for that special scam, letters are all priced differently example “A” is £6 and “X”is a £10 for a full list price do not contact us.     

(* any damage upon sending back will be charged at full cost price + inspection time !) 

Patent License number 50LL0CK5 

Description of Patent Granted = To walk around aimlessly on a racecourse or anywhere gullible people meet, holding a round receptacle Plastic or Metal , to pursue their personal details using false pretenses of being entered into a free draw but actually  in order to reuse or sell the Data on at a later date for guessing scam or any other scam.




For Shop opening inquiries,

please call 08987654344455654 £8.01per min

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