I often get asked how long do i actually study form for each day, and i always say 24 hours and do you know why? It’s because i am a total liar. I find other ways to always make a profit that doesn’t involve studying all day as you will see below my P/L is the best in the business. My info has enabled me to live the lifestyle i have which includes shopping at Aldi, going the Harvester once a month ( only when 2-4-1 is on offer) and the occasional holiday in the sun to places like Jersey ( where i am a caller so i get the holiday paid for HOHOHO) or if i really want to catch some rays the Isle of Wight where i can visit some of my old friends in Parkhurst. All the figures below have been sort of proofed by that great racing paper the Sporting Life.

January 2018     Profit £7,901

February 2018    Profit  £10,819

March 2018    Profit  £1,981

April 2018     Profit £3,987

May 2018    Profit £289,871

June 2018    Profit £10,877

July 2018    Profit £2,190

August 2018    Profit £108,119

September 2018     Profit £7,245

October 2018     Profit £30,445

November 2018    Profit £6,852

December 2018     Profit £2,483

As my subscriber from last year will testify ( not in court though) these figures are 100% true, and everyone knows in May 2018 i had a super Heinz Goliath up and in August we went through both cards Southwell and Wolverhampton, so as you will see you would be a fool to join me i mean not to join me and i have winners lined up every day this year and next year and most probably the year after that but i don’t know about the 4th year from now ! 

So what are you waiting for go to my subscription page now and JOIN NOW ( not again) and you will not regret it or you might.


I haven't added the Political bets i suggested regarding Brexit + others in 2016 and later which were:

£1000 Win On Remaining in the EU  at 1/5

£1000 Win On Theresa May not being PM by February 2019  1/8

£1000 Win On Jeremy Corbyn not to be Leader of the opposition by January 2019   1/4

£1000 Win Diane Abbot to be on countdown permanently from 2018   4/1 


These four i will deny of course unless they win !

For Shop opening inquiries,

please call 08987654344455654 £8.01per min

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