Racing Interviews

This week i had the pleasure of meeting Matt Chapman the so called racing personality and according to a fearless gambler a bit of a knocker back in the day which i cannot possibly confirm as true or can i ? no i can’t.
We met in the peaceful surroundings (well it was peaceful until the mouthy git turned up) of a local pub called  “ Knocker In “, and we sat down with a drink me a lager him a Orange Tango.
NT – So tell me Matt what is your first memory of betting on racing and for fucks sake tone your voice down a bit.
MC – Well i first owed a few people money i mean bet when was still at school, and i can still remember my first winner it was called “Knock Hill” and i had half a crown on (of someone else’s money)
NT- Tell me more
MC- Hang on i am getting paid for this aren’t i ?
NT- No your agent ( laughed a little then) said you know one of my mates friends and you would do for free to pay him back.
MC- oh right yes i remember (gets a huge book out of his briefcase) whats his name i will cross him off the list.
NT- What list 
MC- Oh it’s just a list of names i keep that i need to put right for the future, right crossed out so carry on.
NT- how many people are on that list, it looks like an encyclopedia from here ?
MC- (shuffling in his chair) can we move on please and leave my list alone thanks.
NT- Ok so what did you do when you left school 
MC- I can’t remember i think it was around £400 !
NT- What?
MC- oh sorry workwise you mean?
NT- what’s this £400?
MC- Forget that i said it , anyway going back to when i was school then onto Approved school 
NT- Approved?
MC- Sorry no i meant College i decided to take up a course on Male Grooming you know Hair and Fake Tan and be a Clothes Stylist.
NT- So obviously you failed in that course then?
MC- Yes sadly, but i learned a great lesson from that course, just because you think you’re good looking in your own mind, doesn’t mean to say in the real world you actually are, but always shout when speaking to make yourself more important than you actually are it's worked for me.
NT- Couldn’t agree more with the first part, second part you certainly think you are important but we all know your not.

(MC says nothing just goes a bit more orange)
NT- So tell me how (the fuck) did you ever get on our TV screen’s day in and day out and will you ever stop ( fingers crossed under my seat)
MC- It was strange really, i remember sitting in a betting shop Ladbrokes i think was …… yes that’s right as i was banned from Hills, Tote, Coral, BetFred, Paddy Power, Boylesports in the high street, and as usual i had done my money, when i had this idea of making out i had a tip for a horse and i would try and befriend punters to put on a few quid for me, but i was shrewd i would make sure it was a 5 horse race and give each of these 5 punters a different horse, then when it copped stand there with my paws out hoping for a few shillings.
NT- So a bit like Derek Thompson the king of guesses or more like Mick “have a fifty on for me “ Fitzgerald?
MC- Exactly, like both of them, and in my opinion both are great form experts.
MC- Anyway one day i tried my luck and to my surprise i got chatting to this punter about an evening meeting selection i had guessed and he said yes you’re right this horse will win, because i’m riding it.
NT- Who was it ?
MC- Fergal Lynch, and with that we became great friends and through his connections i ended up knowing the right people on At the Races which started my wonderful career.
NT- So (how the fuck ) did you get the Channel 4 then ITV racing gig?
MC- I don’t really want to go into that, just to say it’s not what you know but who you pay i mean know !

NT- So tell me Matt you have a bit of a reputation of being an annoying tosser on TV how do you answer your critics?

MC- Well i simply don't believe i am, i consider myself quiet, unassuming person and a top class fellow, that has an in-depth knowledge of the sport and i am loved by all ITV racing fans, especially those ones i told to lump on Faugheen at cheltenham

NT Then tell me is it true that your fellow racing colleagues on ITV Racing are all learning Spanish just to avoid talking to you or is that just a rumour?
MC- Sorry i have to dash off now ( starts to whisper) any chance you could lend me a nifty ?
NT- Yes sure, can we agree to do a part 2 soon.
MC- Yes sure just call my agent 
NT (AGENT PMSL) ok no problem, will you send me the fifty back , here’s my address.
And before NT could give MC the address he was gone, stay tuned for part 2 i am sure the mouthy git and got even more stories to tell, and some of them might be true.

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