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Due to myself having unlimited contacts and affiliate deals with every major bookie, i can offer you fantastic deals on a few of them (see below) also i have written some background details about these companies, just call any of the bookmakers listed below and quote this Reference 1TELLL1E5  and you will get the offers displayed but please use the reference code otherwise i won’t get paid i mean you won’t get the offers. Alternatively if you're unsure or too shy to call the bookies direct call our helpline on 08986161723837289217623 £7.18pm leave your name, which bookmaker you wish to bet with and above all your credit card details in full including 3 digits on reverse of the card,and we will be happy to assist you. 

See below the offers and my humble honest opinion of them.

Bet Bright – Deposit £100 and get a free £50 Ante Post Football bet for the 2019-2020 Season. 

NT- In my opinion these guys are probably the best bookmakers on the internet, to put your mind at rest just think honesty and integrity when you open up an account with them , i can see them being top of the tree as an online bookmaker for years and years to come. Every single shareholder/director is driven to look after the customer, and even the American Rich Ricci who is a Non Director of the company but advises the board said and i quote " oh FFS Ruby not again useless git " oh no sorry that was another quote he said " We at Bet Bright will do anything in our power to make sure our customers come first when they place a bet with us (apart from ante post) and i mean that not 100 but 15 million %", i have to say having spoken to the Sun Glasses (in November) wearing Banker i have 100% trust in what he says, as i say a great company. (Just been told there website is down this is due to maintenance should be back up soon.)

888- Deposit £30 and we will match that with 100 free spins on a fun slot game of our choice.

NT- 888 or as i like to call them being an affiliate Late, Late, Late (with my payment HOHOHO) are a fantastic company, known in the industry for buying companies technology and god forbid if it ever happened a company that it bought had any outstanding Ante Post bets it would pay all for certain. Aimed at the Chinese player originally i have sent many customers to them in fact i got a mail yesterday from one saying how great this bookie was, thanks for the mail Mr.Hoo Flung Dung.

Ladbrokes – Deposit £20 and get a Free £10 bet on Virtual Guinea Pig Racing.

NT- Wonderful Company that always has it’s staff at heart, i mean you would never find a shop in a shithole area manned by one person at 9.30pm, i go back to the early days with these guys i remember the owner very well Jock Stein who eventually went into football. The only negative is there customer service which i think is either in Nigeria, India, or Eastern Europe reason why i say this none appear to understand betting queries or indeed how betting works but still a great company to get paid £700 to open one of their shops, shame that all stopped when a box of pens went missing. Now a joint venture company with the fantastic Joe Coral together they have reinvented how quickly you can shut down a customer that wins a score or more. Owned by GVC Holdings (Full name Generally Vicious C****) who paid £4 billion for the shops, out of date software, regurgitated database, and staff expertise, i think your agree it was a fantastic deal, and i urge you to open a account with them, as i say fantastic company, outstanding staff and board, also shop pens keep for two weeks or more top ink used.

Bet Fred – Deposit £100 and Receive a FOBT Voucher for £110 one spin only roulette and on Black.

NT- You couldn’t meet a nicer person than Baldy (let's ruin the Tote) Fred an absolutely mad supporter of both Manchester City and Liverpool, where the customer always comes first (well after a few court cases they do), this company was opening shops week after week, but after the government ruling about reducing the stake to £2 on FOBT’s they will be closing them week after week, which is a shame for yours truly however Fred being Fred he has said that i can close them and give the last rites with him for £500 a shop HOHOHO. I spoke to Fred only last week and he was in a great mood after Manchester United got beaten a team that he detests, he is philosophical about the FOBT changes and i quote “ well Not Tommo we will have to do something that we haven’t for years and take bets on the horses to take out more than £100 “ This man is truly a “Bonus King” (unless it’s a staff bonus) Remember you get Bonuses on Lucky 15,31`,63, when you place these "totally mug " bets, also Fred was a little bit disappointed how the tote venture is working out when he realize that if you take out 65% of the pools no one will bet with you, which of course he addressed immediately all said and done he is a  fantastic guy with a fantastic company, highly recommend open an account but not Tote Bets. Finally i have been told that Barney Curley was a very close friends with him but he had 750,000 reasons as to why they don't talk nowadays.

Paddy Power- Deposit £50 and get £20 Free Bet + a chance to appear in a shit viral ad dressed as a horse, plus a Day out with Ruby Walsh Parachuting.

I have separated Paddy Power from Betfair although these are a Joint company as i get more kick backs from one of them HOHOHO, but what can you say about this Bookmaker? Well its Fun, Fun ,Fun all the way with them, unless of course you’re an Irish Postman who nicked lots of money and spunked it mostly in their shops, and Paddy being Paddy encouraged the fella to bet even more as i say its Fun, fun , fun all the way. Paddy himself is a fine chubby little fella, great sense of humour as you can see when he is making videos with that other smile a second character Ruby Walsh who i believe is still a jockey if he still is i think he will be calling it a day soon. Their main objective is Fun, Fun, Fun ( i’ve said that already i know) and gently, slowly but surely winkle as much money out of there punters as possible put simply they are just great guys, although i could do with opening a few more of their shops but once again stationary + all loo rolls were taken one day that i opened one and sadly i haven’t been asked back again. They also have a V.I.P scheme with fantastic kick backs for the punters if you are a VIP then i suggest you look at your bank statements to see how much you are losing as of course only massive losers are VIP with these guys HOHOHO. In summary i recommend you sign up they are a great company run by a great little fat fella, and their biggest asset is the voice over guy on their annoying adverts it’s the best £18 per hour they have ever paid anyone, and talking of adverts they do run cutting edge adverts which are controversial but never funny, but he is an outstanding guy with a fantastic company i salute you Patrick Power. (PS can you hurry up with my expenses)

William Hill- Deposit £100 get £60 in free sports bets NOT HORSE RACING or FOOTBALL + £40 free slot spin on the win a million machine (which has paid out £45.00 since 2006)

NT- Fantastic company when you ask anyone who hasn’t had a bet to name a bookmaker who do you think 80% will say? Yeap that’s right Boyle Sports, although this company was slow off the mark with internet bookmaking due to utter and complete shit software they merged with that “straight as a die “ company Playtech and used their software for casino and poker which has been a big hit in Leeds and with their customer. Sadly for me though i could no longer pass on any information on my guessing hotline on horse info as they stopped taking horse bets in 2007 however times has changed and i have heard through the grapevine that you can now get £25 on as long as the price does not shorten as win or lose if it does that will be your last horse bet with them. When Formed by the notorious gangster/mobster in the 1930’s Billy Hill was as good as his word and always paid on time and back in the day if you won £100 (about £5,000 nowadays) he didn’t require you to send in a Utility Bill, Passport, Car Reg Number, Urine and Blood sample, and marriage certificate to withdraw your money, i wonder what the original Billy Hill would think of his company now. He unlike today only barred one player Jack Spot but i’m afraid today Billy Hills will bar you just for having the audacity of requesting a horse price never mind a bet. In summary a fantastic company for Casino and Poker and Virtual Racing, and remember you can pick your winnings up via there on course bookie reps on any racecourse rails pitch well you could until last year anyway. I highly recommend opening an account with them. (but remember this company was started by a gangster HOHOHO)

Bet 365- Deposit £200 and get that matched in free un-restricted bets when you have turned over around £22,950.

NT- well if there is a rags to riches story in bookmaking then this is it,40 years ago when Ralph Coates stopped playing for Burnley and Tottenham he had nothing a wife plus 2 kids to support as the worry was making him lose his hair, and then he moved to a little place in the potteries called Stoke a place that time forgot a bit like Burnley that’s why he settled in quickly. Then a chance meeting in a Pub with a Bookmaker called Dennis Barry changed his life. Dennis wanted to sell his shop to go around the world watching Cricket, so Ralph scraped together the money to buy the shop and he has never looked back since. The transformation of the company was made by employing his daughter Denise at the time she was working as a cashier at Bet364 but had the vision to see what the new thing the interweb could become. So she re-mortgaged her Dad’s house (Ralph had no idea and still doesn’t ) to the hilt and employed a herd of East European programmers actually it was 3 in total to create a betting website. Only problem she had was what to call this company so she looked around her and thought will i have 3 programmers who she paid £65per month to whilst stroking her dog called Betty, then hey presto the magic happened she announce the new name of the company as “Betty653” but after a time that just didn’t sit right so she hired a PR company in London called Saatchi & Saatchi and they after 2 weeks came back with Bet365 and there you have the near true story of how this company was born, Footnote here Saatchi & Saatchi actually revamped the name within 10 seconds but still charged them £25,000 which Denise is still in dispute with.HOHOHO what a business to be in. So how did they become so big well basically it’s mainly through websites that have loads of Chinese Punters nothing to do with their  website or English punters, i spoke to their Finance direct who denied that they have Chinese Punters, but when i tried to meet him face to face i couldn’t afford the flight to meet him in Beijing. In summary they are a fantastic company and lovely warm people last year Denise who took home over £250,000,000 as a salary but does work hard 4 hours a week for that money so no one should begrudge her a penny after the rocky start they had, finally things came around full circle for Ralph who started off as a footballer and of course is now a millionaire (not as rich as Denise) as well, as he just couldn’t shake off his love of football and purchased Port Vale for £300 back in 2011. Outstanding company, Outstanding People, recommend highly.

Coral – Deposit £5 and get a free £1 bet for life per year  if your over 96 + enter into a draw to win a Nokia 6500 phone.

NT- Absolutely fantastic bookmakers and fantastic people the old saying is so true “ never a quarrel with Joe Coral “ unless of course you win a few quid on a horse that’s shortened up, or backed a sports team knowing their opponents have a star player missing. I am old school and their new slogan “ don’t bet with us, Bet savvy “ doesn’t do much for me but i think it does ring true. Coral’s are huge horse racing sponsors like the Coral Cup at Cheltenham and ahem ahem ( i’ll get back to you) which is a fabulous gesture considering the money they take out of horse racing when they actually lay some bets. Of course many people stopped betting with Coral when they merged with Ladbrokes and used their wonderful customer services, along with their attitude towards anyone having a horse bet which is a great shame really, but at least unlike Hills you can get more than £25 on with them and my guess line customers always praise them for taking their bets immediately i don’t know why but you can get on any amount with them when you mention my guessline or trackside guesses. Coral were one of the first to use mobile betting and it was a fantastic product i remember looking at the odds then having to refresh every 3 seconds then clicking the bet button and the betslip would fail to open and by the time you have got the betslip open on screen the 3m 4f chase race would be over fantastic days. I highly recommend opening an account with them but please please play there casino or virtual horses only ( more kick back for me HOHOHO) these are fantastically straight games always. I had a chat with there PR guru Simon Clare (Fantastic fact did you know Gilbert O'Sullivan wrote a song about him back in the 70's which got to number 1) who is without doubt the best PR guy in the business, and i asked what's changed since he Joined Coral, and he simply said and i quote " Decimalization", Simon remembers the days when you could bet on course at 100/6 or 100/7 etc but states since decimalization came in the whole industry changed, strange i thought it might have been the Internet. Outstanding company, fabulous staff recommend highly.

Betfair  Deposit £50 + Get a £10 free bet + umbrella and a scarf so you can wander around the racecourse having a warm neck but looking like a total plum.

Probably the greatest innovation in the gambling industry when they nicked the idea from and then strangely bought them out ! Jet Black & Co really struck oil with their aggressive ad campaigns at London Stations back in the day dressed as the grim reaper saying it’s the death of bookmaking, unbeknownst to them though online bookmaking was dying anyway even back then due to all the big firms being run by bean counters instead of bookmakers. Oh i forgot to add they are all Fantastic people ( need to put that in just in case they want a corporate gig in the future HOHOHO) and their software is nearly 100% reliable (goes down more often than a porn star) their business model is also absolutely fantastic, whereby they allow punters to win without restriction and when they do they take a massive rake with their wonderful idea of a premium charge of up to 60% fantastic people as i say. Since joining up with the chubby little fella at Paddy Power this is now a huge company which allows them quite rightly to make the rules up as they go along, i mean if you have got potential losses for £1,000 and the site goes down and you cannot action the bet, they dont give a toss, also as long as they are getting anything from 5-60% off their customers why would they. Peter Jackson the CEO and ex film director has done wonders on ways he can shaft his customers he really is a top man, i adore you Peter. So how does Betfair exchange work? For my new clients who back horses it is a great guide to the non triers of the day, just simply click onto your race and see your selection who was 6/4 in the morning drift out to 3/1 and dont back it but lay it and watch it finish 6th of 7 easy isn't it !Then you make a note wait until it runs next time it’s 10/1 in the morning and goes off 9/2 you back it and it shits up it’s that simple. You can also Bet in running this is when the so called live video of the races is around 5 seconds behind the real event and punters go to the course and lay away to horses fading in the distance to scoop up the pot, also another great innovation they still offer prices on dead horses as i say Fantastic business. People ask me is Betfair a good idea?( they also ask me not to talk to them) i don’t know i do know that bookmakers hate them for the pure fact in the old days the Bookmakers knew who the non triers were and now it’s the other way around, also what is good about betfair is that ALL online bookmakers traders now do fuck all for most of the day, they just watch the exchange all day and go a point or two shorter. So all in all a fantastic company with fantastic people, brilliant no risk business model i recommend all my subscriber to open an account with them. Finally do not put your free scarf in the washing machine as it's cheap Taiwanese shit that will ruin the machine.



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