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Welcome to my subscription (JOIN NOW) where several packages are available all with (JOIN NOW) guarantee no risk (to me) winners a plenty (JOIN NOW) if you don’t believe me (and i don’t blame you) just look at what people are saying about my services.
Mr.Horatio Whittle-Buckie aged 96 (Broadmoor) – I have used Not Tommo services since i was in my teens i can honestly say there is only two certainties at my time of life 1) Not Tommo will always give me a great income 2) It’s very hard to wipe my arse whilst in a strait jacket.
Mrs.Isobel Tralee  Aged 102 (Nursing Home lane)  - who is not tommo? What’s my name ? horses what horses?
Ms. Alex Hammond Aged 42 (Clueless Hill, Isle of SKY) I have been a subscriber to Not Tommo for 13 years and in all this time i have NOT lost a penny in fact i am that impressed i copy his guesses for my Racing Tv slot called “ Bimbo Talks Bollocks about Racing” it is well worth the £8.21pm for his 12-16 guesses a day,and by using this information enabled me to get a job with sky bet that well known if you win £80 your banned bookmaker . (Note Sky Bet who prefer you to bet at sky vegas as they can really take you to the cleaners with there fantastic casino and other wonderful games)
These are just 3 JOIN NOW of my happy subscribers along with many many more.
JOIN NOW JOIN NOW JOIN NOW  (i was told that if you put something in caps everywhere it will help you mesmerize the reader to JOIN NOW !)
Subscription Packages 
The 2- Bob Champion Package  
For only £199.00 per month receive up to 20 Guesses a day ( even when there is no racing on) Plus upon signing up receive a 2017 Racing Dairy, His and Hers betting shop pens, and a chance to star in a Not Tommo Video about wandering around hotels in York and frightening the guests whilst watching yours truly do an impression of Alan Partridge!
The 1-Bob Champion Package 
For Only £99.00 per month receive another 20 guesses a day (separate from the 2 bob package guesses) Plus upon signing up win a day at Lingfield (midweek and only on 11th November and only if your name is Sebastian and only if your 73) + all the trappings including unlimited tap water.

The Nine-Bob Note Champion Package 
For only £59.32 per month receive Tips
only from *Brighton Races, plus upon signing up win a chance to Buy lunch for me, Bob Champion, and that Irish Actor from Corrie who’s name i can’t remember so i’m sure you won’t either.

Brighton UK* only has around 12 meetings a year however there is a Brighton racecourse in USA, and Australia, and one in India so this covers all year round for the Guesses it’s a great subscription, also we will visit a non UK Brighton (you pay all flights,hotels etc) to see our guesses in action.

For Shop opening inquiries,

please call 08987654344455654 £8.01per min

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