Win a Horsefor a Year 

Win a Horse for a year 

Join the 2-Bob Champion subscription package and have the opportunity ( which will be very remote) to win a 2 year old for the season, you keep all the winnings (less expenses) that’s right you keep any money for yourself. The horse ( Top picture below) will be Trained by the ex-footballer can you guess who Mick Channon or maybe Mick Quinn? ……. Yeap that’s right it’s Francis Lee and you will have the Stable Jockey Eddie Ahern to ride whenever he is available. Along with this magnificent prize, you will be picked up from anywhere in the country by either Joe Colliver or Tom Queally and driven to the stables for a tour with a lunch (sandwich) thrown in, so what are you waiting for subscribe to the 2-Bob Package or call 089865654346677645 £19.43pm to enter into this FREE draw.
T& C do NOT apply so get calling or subscribing and Good Luck ( you will need it ) 

The Horse looks in fine fettle at you can see, and has improved dramatically since being a yearling when in the care of Mick Quinn (bottom picture). The Horse has already been named and will be called "Dickens Cider " and will be ready to race at all the top AW tracks in as many G7 or G6 races as possible.


For Shop opening inquiries,

please call 08987654344455654 £8.01per min

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